Paradise in the Spring {Magical Maui}

Maui–what an absolutely magical place to be, especially when the gray skies and sideways rain are pelting the PNW.  A very special group of people needed some photographic coverage (ahem) and beach portraits while on holiday, and I was just the tiniest bit thrilled to oblige… We had such fun with the wild kids who had sand in the most amazing places … And then another fun shoot wandering the streets of Lahaina.  Great to see such good friends creating memories together.

Two of my favorite people were able to join me — we rented a Westfalia camper van to explore the island.  What a cool way to dive into the island, meeting the most interesting folks along the way.  Adventuring with your friends in paradise is pretty spectacular, watching the sun set at a different beach every night, swimming in the ocean, eating chocolate covered frozen bananas, living out of a cooler, feeling the salty grit in your hair, smelling the warm, tropical air, the freshest fruit picked right off the trees, and the slow wash of meditative waves cleansing our minds and our souls.  It was a heavenly trip, full of quiet contemplation, soulful conversations, and a lot of gratitude.  This life is so full of mystery and beauty. I hope to always find and honor the magic of this world.  Cheers to loving adventures and traveling the world!

_DSC0018 _DSC0030 _DSC0038 _DSC0060 _DSC0105 _DSC0129 _DSC0142 _DSC0154 _DSC0158 _DSC0176 _DSC0191 _DSC0210 _DSC0215 _DSC0223 _DSC0227 _DSC0230 _DSC0243 _DSC0267 _DSC0349 _DSC0372 _DSC0869 _DSC0872 _DSC0875 _DSC0879 _DSC9873 _DSC9880 _DSC9890 _DSC9891 _DSC9892 _DSC9898 _DSC9904 _DSC9911 _DSC9915 _DSC9917 _DSC9921 _DSC9923 _DSC9926 _DSC9930 _DSC9935 _DSC9938 _DSC9939 _DSC9944 _DSC9945 _DSC9949 _DSC9951 _DSC9955 _DSC9958 _DSC9965 _DSC9969 _DSC9974 _DSC9976 _DSC9978 _DSC9980 _DSC9984 _DSC9986 _DSC9989 Holiday, Beach portraits, sand, ocean, pacific ocean, camping, Maui camping,

Summer Solstice Nuptials {Olympia, WA Wedding}

I love wedding celebrations that honor any solstice, especially summer–the longest, and lightest (hopefully) day of the year.  Robyn and Steve were friends in their early teenage years, and reconnected several years ago, rekindling a friendship which sparked into a sweet romance.  The nuptials included their children, both human and furry, family and close friends as attendants.  An intimate and sweet ceremony full of laughs and tenderness.  I was so honored to be able to photograph this beautiful celebration for a beautiful couple on a beautiful day.  Pretty perfect.  Cheers to many happy years together! xoxox

_DSC3817 _DSC3822 _DSC3826 _DSC3828 _DSC3833 _DSC3846 _DSC3858 _DSC3866 _DSC3877 _DSC3883 _DSC3884 _DSC3890 _DSC3900 _DSC3914 _DSC3925 _DSC3927 _DSC3941 _DSC3965 _DSC3987 _DSC3990 _DSC4004 _DSC4008 _DSC4019 _DSC4034 _DSC4053 _DSC4054 _DSC4059 _DSC4102 _DSC4112 _DSC4123 _DSC4137 _DSC4178 _DSC4184 _DSC4193 _DSC4213 _DSC4220 _DSC4226 _DSC4261

Missoula or Bust! Book Groupies head to Montana {Road Trip}

Dang I love my book group peeps!  When Carmen told us the band she was in during grad school, Stand Up Stella, was going to have a one-night-only-reunion-performance in Missoula, we immediately started planning our trip there!  Last August of 2016, we loaded up the car, a few opted to fly, and we made our way out to cheer on Carmen.  It was a stunningly gorgeous drive, full of a lot of laughter.  We stopped for anything that piqued our interest: museums, viewpoints, quaint shops. It was SO dang fun! The first night we stayed at Jodie’s parents lake house who spoiled us with a delicious dinner, and as we were lying lake side around midnight, watching the meteor shower, her darling Mom delivered warm huckleberry sauce and ice cream.  That night, we listened to the stillness of lake life, ate the sublime dessert and fell asleep under the stars, finding our way inside to bed close to 2 am.  Day One, was preeeeetty good… The next morning started with coffee on the dock and a morning swim.  I could really get used to that pace of life.  Back into the car we went, winding our way through quiet mountains with a soundtrack that included the one and only John Denver (of course), and arrived at the lovely AirBnB rental home, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the rest of the group.  Over a dinner of wine and pizza,  we sat fireside out back, and laughed late into the night.  Day Two, solid.  Day Three, we explored Missoula, people watched, ate ice cream, purchased essential oils, wandered along the river front, had some incredibly delicious meals, and fell in love with the funky town.  Later that night, we had a blast gathering together to dance our faces off at the concert.  Astrid, Carmen’s daughter, joined her on stage to play a Prince tribute, it was such a sweet surprise!  As we said goodbye to the folks catching flights, we decided it would be a good idea to “swing by” Glacier National Park, stopping at the Bison Refuge to get our fill of cute fuzzy faces lumbering along the golden plains.   Finally arriving at the park nearing sunset, we made our way tot he top, which was for me,  easily one of the most terrifying drives up the mountain range,  but well worth the breath taking views.  The majesty of nature re-centers my soul. I hope to return there soon. We drove late into the night making our way to Spokane.  Close to 1 am, in the middle of absolutely NO where, I saw a man walking along the side of the road barefoot. I was the only one who saw him… or DID I…??  So bizarre!  Our last leg home included a stop at Cave B Winery for a quick tasting. I can’t wait for the next trip with these awesome women.  Cheers to adventures!_DSC4970 _DSC4974 _DSC4981 _DSC4986 _DSC4989 _DSC4996 _DSC4998 _DSC5001 _DSC5002 _DSC5005 _DSC5006 _DSC5009 _DSC5010 _DSC5018 _DSC5023 _DSC5027 _DSC5033 _DSC5035 _DSC5039 _DSC5042 _DSC5047 _DSC5059 _DSC5064 _DSC5066 _DSC5074 _DSC5076 _DSC5081 _DSC5085 _DSC5088 _DSC5091 _DSC5093 _DSC5099 _DSC5100 _DSC5111 _DSC5129 _DSC5143 _DSC5152 _DSC5164 _DSC5173 _DSC5174 _DSC5181 _DSC5197 _DSC5201 _DSC5210 _DSC5211 _DSC5215 _DSC5226 _DSC5233 _DSC5238 _DSC5244 _DSC5246 _DSC5251 _DSC5259 _DSC5293 _DSC5330 _DSC5334 _DSC5336 _DSC5343 _DSC5346 _DSC5347 _DSC5351 _DSC5352 _DSC5356 _DSC5360 _DSC5365 _DSC5371 _DSC5372 _DSC5376 _DSC5380 _DSC5382 _DSC5383 _DSC5385 _DSC5389 _DSC5391 _DSC5404 _DSC5414 _DSC5415 _DSC5417 _DSC5418 _DSC5421 _DSC5424 _DSC5437 _DSC5440 _DSC5442 _DSC5444

Sweet Baby Girl Turns ONE!

I can’t believe one year has passed since this bright little light has illuminated our lives!  She is one of the most precious things we are blessed to celebrate.  Little Riann, your Dad Austin would be radiating with pride over you, as we all are.  Morgan planned such an adorable and delicious party.  There were bubbles, and a puppy visitor, family and friends, and a roomful of presents.  And of course Fleurae, created the most perfect florals to frame your cake smash.  Such a sweet day, we love you so very much Riann. xo_DSC1677 _DSC1686 _DSC1689 _DSC1690 _DSC1693 _DSC1697 _DSC1700 _DSC1702 _DSC1705 _DSC1707 _DSC1708 _DSC1709 _DSC1710 _DSC1711 _DSC1714 _DSC1716 _DSC1725 _DSC1726 _DSC1734 _DSC1746 _DSC1758 _DSC1769 _DSC1776 _DSC1781 _DSC1796 _DSC1801 _DSC1805 _DSC1826 _DSC1837 _DSC1840 _DSC1853 _DSC1858 _DSC1866 _DSC1867 _DSC1873 _DSC1876 _DSC1877 _DSC1882 _DSC1885 _DSC1888 _DSC1890 _DSC1900 _DSC1917 _DSC1931 _DSC1934 _DSC1937 _DSC1939 _DSC1940 _DSC1945 _DSC1947 _DSC1950 _DSC1956 _DSC1961 _DSC1965

April Showers Wedding {Alderbrook, Union, WA}

Spring weddings are just so pretty, with a color palette that is soft and hopeful. The sudden rain showers, followed by bursts of bright sunshine, the freshness so desperately needed after long, grey winter months, the perfect transition as we navigate towards the vibrancy of summer.

I love it when a couple knows who they are–not just who they are individually, but who they are as a couple, and incorporate that stylistically into their wedding theme.  Jeff and Shelby nailed it.  Starting with the quintessential PNW wedding venue, Alderbrook Resort, to their vintage/nautical decor, having their beloved furry faced Luna in attendance, and the delicious menu–the entire celebration was a sublime reflection of their laid back demeanor and understated elegance. Shelby was a vision in her Tadashi Shoji wedding gown, and the whimisical succulents in her bouquet by Fleurae was a flawless background for the special shell as an homage for Jeff’s Mom. It was an absolute honor to spend the day with them capturing the lovely celebration.  Cheers to many happy years together, both lakeside and beyond. xoxo_DSC7905 _DSC7909 _DSC7926 _DSC7933 _DSC7941 _DSC7943 _DSC7948 _DSC7951 _DSC7962 _DSC7983 _DSC7998 _DSC8002 _DSC8005 _DSC8006 _DSC8031 _DSC8054 _DSC8059 _DSC8072 _DSC8099 _DSC8108 _DSC8457_DSC8119 _DSC8128 _DSC8136 _DSC8141 _DSC8146 _DSC8149 _DSC8166 _DSC8168 _DSC8173 _DSC8192 _DSC8201 _DSC8254 _DSC8384 _DSC8399 _DSC8414 _DSC8416 _DSC8432 _DSC8471 _DSC8480 _DSC8486 _DSC8613 _DSC8628 _DSC8633 _DSC8644 _DSC8650 _DSC8652 _DSC8654 _DSC8655 _DSC8656 _DSC8661 _DSC8681 _DSC8824 _DSC8917 _DSC8961 _DSC8972 _DSC9142

A Respite in the Desert {Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree}

Sometimes you just need to warm yourself to the core, to fill up those vitamin D stores,  to fill your heart and mind with deep conversations, with thoughtful beauty, and a hearty dose of laughter.  I didn’t even know how much I needed the trip until I was there.  A bit of work and some solid soul quenching sun, just what PNW’ers need in the middle of a rainy winter.

It’s so interesting to discover niche worlds, like the world of traveling art gallery shows. Talk about visual inspiration.  The Spectrum at Indian Wells was a new world to me.  The international juried art show featured an incredible range of work from paintings, sculptures, glass work, photographic art, and even some wild steam punk creations.  It was incredible to wander through, champagne in hand, lounge on the swank white leather sofas, and take it all in. Thank you to Essence Arts, and Tom and Anna Boatright, for inviting me along.  I loved being part of this journey with you.

I was also lucky enough to steal away to Joshua Tree for the day, spending time with radiant humans and capturing their portraits for Erin Jane Illuminations and Essence Arts. I lingered a bit longer meeting up with dear friends for lunch at the infamous before venturing back to the park to capture sunset images in Joshua Tree.  Let it be known when your story begins with “So we were drinking tequila in the desert as the sun was setting…” is always a solidly hysterical tale.  Ask me about it next time you see me : )


_DSC7348 _DSC7358 _DSC7370 _DSC7380 _DSC7391 _DSC7395 _DSC7407 _DSC7414 _DSC7421 _DSC7432-Edit _DSC7439 _DSC7443 _DSC7457 _DSC7469 _DSC7475 _DSC7492 _DSC7496 _DSC7507 _DSC7515 _DSC7529 _DSC7543 _DSC7552 _DSC7554 _DSC7555 _DSC7557 _DSC7559 _DSC7561 _DSC7563 _DSC7567 _DSC7574 _DSC7576 _DSC7577 _DSC7587 _DSC7598 _DSC7601 _DSC7608 _DSC7613 _DSC7621



My Little Muse {Child photography – Olympia, WA}

I hope you’re all fine with my blog stream being filled with adorable images of our sweet granddaughter.  If not, darn it, get on board!  She is lively and bright and so curious–it is such a joy to be with her.  I dida little secret photoshoot over the holidays, and although the little vintage dress isn’t really her sweet Momma’s style, I couldn’t resist!  Please enjoy the biggest blue eyes and holiday wonder. Love to you all… Cortney_dsc5253-edit _dsc5292-edit _dsc5303-edit _dsc5304-edit-edit _dsc5325-edit _dsc5326-edit _dsc5329-edit _dsc5333-edit _dsc5353-edit _dsc5356-edit

A Little Bit of Holiday Cheer

Oh, these two sweet girls!  Austin’s girls. We are so profoundly grateful to have them both in our lives.  Austin would be so in love with his little one, she’s lively and sweet and smart and so happy.  I like to think he is right alongside them both, pushing Morgan to complete her MBA, soothing Riann, watching over them.  I was so excited when I found out Morgan had bought them matching pajamas since the boys always received matching Hanna Andersson striped pajamas  and a holiday storybook to open  Christmas Eve.  The tradition continues!  Riann was so excited about the stories–it was sweet to see her reaction to her Daddy’s books and ending with a little squeeze with Austin’s very first teddy bear. Keep the love flowing this holiday season ya’ll!_dsc4694 _dsc4702 _dsc4709 _dsc4719 _dsc4726 _dsc4738 _dsc4749 _dsc4762 _dsc4781 _dsc4796 _dsc4803 _dsc4812 _dsc4828 _dsc4834 _dsc4848 _dsc4855 _dsc4857 _dsc4866 _dsc4881 _dsc4885 _dsc4905 _dsc4944 _dsc4961 _dsc4971 _dsc4979 _dsc4999 _dsc5005 _dsc5015 _dsc5034 _dsc5039 _dsc5050 _dsc5061 _dsc5066 _dsc5082 _dsc5091 _dsc5107 _dsc5138 _dsc5142 _dsc5146 _dsc5184 _dsc5191 _dsc5193 _dsc5200 _dsc5204 _dsc5209

Intimate Wedding Along Hood Canal

Some of the most special weddings I’ve photographed, have been small, intimate, family only weddings.  There is something so dear about gathering ones family to usher in the next phase of life.  Brent and Hannah had the most perfect weather on their wedding, as family surrounded them at Brent’s family summer cabin along Hood Canal.  How fitting that he would add his marriage ceremony to the treasured memories he holds at this special place, with many more to come!  After the  sweetest ceremony and heartfelt vows, guests were treated to an incredible dinner masterfully created by the talented Dahlia Lounge staff.  A truly elegant start to the rest of their life together.  Cheers!_DSC5561-Edit _DSC5632-Edit _DSC5745-Edit _DSC5759-Edit _DSC5767-Edit _DSC5800-Edit _DSC5815-Edit _DSC5839-Edit _DSC5856 _DSC5879 _DSC5921-Edit _DSC5928 _DSC6168-Edit _DSC6504-Edit _DSC6577-Edit _DSC6580-Edit_DSC6181 _DSC6668 _DSC6679 _DSC6684 _DSC6697 _DSC6704

Adorable, Dog Loving Couple’s West Seattle Wedding {Salty’s on Alki Beach, West Seattle Wedding}

I first met Reid working a wedding together a couple of years ago.  His funky mohawk and lively personality made such an impression on me, as did his incredible eye–he is the man behind the creative force, Best Made Videos, beautiful, moving wedding films.  I was honored to have him refer his close friends to me for their sweet wedding, where I met his stunning girlfriend Dorothy, who was a bridesmaid that day.  When they became engaged, I was over the moon excited to be asked to photograph their wedding!  I knew this wedding was going to be a celebration full of life and maybe just a teensy tiny bit of fun! Ha!

They included their beloved pup Rosie in the first look, I’m not sure who received more kisses… Surrounded by family and friends, the clouds gave way to blue skies as they said their I Do’s.  Guests were treated to the delicious northwest cuisine of Salty’s Restaurant, which fueled the way to lighting up the dance floor.  Such a loving, connected group of people.  I would say they are beyond lucky to be supported by such a loving community.  Cheers to you both!!_DSC2511 _DSC2554-Edit _DSC2558 _DSC2567 _DSC2571 _DSC2579 _DSC2591 _DSC2598 _DSC2613 _DSC2630 _DSC2635 _DSC2639 _DSC2643 _DSC2648 _DSC2659 _DSC2666 _DSC2700 _DSC2707 _DSC2723 _DSC2744 _DSC2770 _DSC2842 _DSC2845 _DSC2863 _DSC2878 _DSC2921 _DSC2932 _DSC3010 _DSC3166 _DSC3259 _DSC3327 _DSC3365 _DSC3413 _DSC3441 _DSC3454 _DSC3513 _DSC3549 _DSC3578 _DSC3579