The Things We Ate…Thanksgiving 2009, Olympia, WA

Thanksgiving Day started off with a light breakfast of buttermilk, pumpkin and pecan waffles, mango/orange juice and REAL maple syrup. Emmett assisted in the preparation of roasted brussel sprouts and candied yams/sweet potatoes. We headed over to Grampa & Nana Kelleys for a lunch at 1:00. We chose to forego dessert since dinner (Thanksgiving Dinner #2) was just a few hours later… Heading back to West Oly, we gathered at Grampa and Gramma Greens for another wonderful meal. Thanks to Megan for the wonderful bacon wrapped dates. Dad made both a turkey and ham… it’s just too difficult to choose, plus he was feeding a small army! ┬áThe evening wound down with satiated boys, snuggled on the couch, the blue light of their gameboys illuminating glazed eyes. I love Thanksgiving–the gathering of family and friends without all the over-hyped commercialism of Christmas… Today, I think I will just eat a banana…

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