Going Buck Wild On Spring Break, Engagement Session, Olympia, Washington

Guess what teachers do while on spring break? They wander the rainy streets of Olympia, smiling at one another… At least, that’s what Yonkela and Cassandra did for ONE of their days off. I first met Yonk when I was photographing a wedding at Alderbrook Resort last spring. He was a fellow teacher friend of the bride. I soon met his lovely bride-to-be, Cass, not long after as they began planning their own wedding. Cass and Yonk are warm and open, with both their smiles and their spirits. I can only imagine what incredible teachers they must be. And what lucky students are sparked by their love of learning. As we wandered the rainy streets, we talked of places travelled and of future destinations on our lists. Travel has to be one of the most relevant educational experiences, and one of my absolute favorite things. To immerse oneself in a place–the food, the people, the feeling of the place–the overall experience, love, love, LOVE it! I know they’ll enjoy their honeymoon in Mexico. Hmmm, I wonder if they need photo coverage of that…? ha!Montage-web

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