Alley Love, Engagement Session, Olympia, WA

I love alleys.  There is something a bit clandestine, maybe secretive, and very  private.  The alleys of downtown Olympia have their own personalities–some are urban and edgy, others have an old world feel,  but all of them make for perfect photo scenarios.    Emily and Austin were perfectly happy to wind through the alleys, tucking in and out, and stealing a kiss or two along the way.  Soon, they will be heading to the sunny land of Cali as Austin pursues his dream of flight.  These two smarties–one an engineer the other a psyche major have the world opening up to them.  So sweet to see lovely couples in love forging new lives together.  Good luck you two!DSC_7440TDSC_7429TDSC_7692TDSC_7629TDSC_7720TDSC_7902TDSC_7892T

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