Nicknames, pig tails and growing up: High School Senior Session, Olympia, WA

When you’ve lived in the same town for close to 20 years, you get to know people.  A LOT of them…  It’s always sobering when I am asked to do senior photos of young people I’ve know since they were really young.  Like Emily–who was affectionately nicknamed “Pippi” by my husband who was her soccer coach when she was 12.  She used to wear her hair in the most adorable pigtails–and since there was more than one Emily on the team, a nickname was clearly  in order.  And now, close to 18, she is still… Pippi.  I love that.  I love  seeing these beautiful tomboys, flourish into accomplished young women.  I’ll have to rustle up some “real” Pippi photos… : )DSC_5277TDSC_5304TDSC_5539TDSC_5374TDSC_5380TDSC_5539TDSC_5552TDSC_5574T

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