University of Washington does more than educate…it nurtures young love

I first met Danielle when she was starting her senior year of high school at Tumwater High School.  We wandered along Tumwater Falls Park snapping photos and talked of her future, of college plans and wanting to attend the University of Washington. She was a sweet, bright and excited young woman.  I knew that she would find success in her college years with that combination.  And she did, as well as find an adorable young man with the same sweet spirit and exuberance for life.  DSC_8277-Edit

Jamie waited patiently to see his gorgeous bride.

DSC_8304-EditShe was worth the wait…DSC_8318-EditThe had some of the funniest touches during their wedding.  Guests were entertained before the ceremony with a multi-media show–a slideshow and mini movie that had people laughing one minute and tearing up the next.  Well done!DSC_8366-EditDSC_8373-EditThere was a break in the sprinkling rain and we dashed outside to capture some autumn afternoon photos.  #9997DSC_8395-EditThe perfect amount of sun popped through to help make parasol magic.
DSC_8407-EditDSC_8460-EditDSC_8478-EditAnd the fall colors soaked up every ray of sun and sent the glorious honey filled tones right back to me.DSC_8925-EditJamie shared one of his favorite passages.  Lovely to see such deeply spiritual people.DSC_8946-EditAnd one last moment with her Dad before heading down the aisle.  Nothing but smiles…DSC_9029-EditHeading into the reception, we had to stop for a quick twirl : )DSC_9294-EditAnd the last shot of the night reveals the silly side.  Danielle and Jamie kept the stoic expression despite the frivolity around them. Way to pull that shot off!  Loved LOVED capturing your day.  Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you two… xoxo CortneyDSC_9631-Edit

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