My Baby Bro's Getting Married! Engagement Portrait Session, Olympia, WA

#6679This was a kid I lugged around on my hip—I was 16 when Zach was born, so I thought of him as my baby too.  He was the cutest, cutest little boy, soft blond curls and a devilish smile.  At age 5 he’d perfected the Zackie Special–a rice cake with a slice of cheese, toasted to sheer perfection–and he was always happy to make one for you.  The first time he met Philip, (Zach was maybe four) his first comment was “Nice khaki shorts”  — I’m not sure Philip even knew khaki was a color, to him they were likely tan shorts… but hey, it felt good to be complimented : )

Well, little Zackie has grown up, WAAAAY up to nearly 6’3,  graduated from UW, and has perfected many more culinary masterpieces. He’s no longer that sweet little boy, now he’s a sweet young man. A sweet man who has met a very sweet woman.  And in June they will become a sweet family with her son Keevan.  That’s a lot of sweetness.  I am so proud of him.  I think I need to make a Zackie special for lunch…#6618#6646#6565#6459#6652#6491

One thought on “My Baby Bro's Getting Married! Engagement Portrait Session, Olympia, WA

  1. Tiffany

    I cannot express the immense amount of joy it was to see this. I am so happy for him! Best wishes and my love to you all!


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