Two Min-Pins, a Dobie and lots of happy Cows, Family Portrait session, Olympia, WA

Last Saturday I headed a bit south to photograph Rachel, Diana and their three gorgeous dogs–two Min-Pins (Maddie & Hallie) and a Doberman (Maya).  As a child I always dreamed of having a Doberman.  I love the idea that as pet keepers, we share some sort of resemblance with those furry occupants of our house.  Both Rachel and Diana were like human Doberman’s–sporting healthy tans, they had the graceful elegance of athletes.#7794-Edit

They make their home amidst a lovely cattle ranch south of Olympia, complete with barns fun of hay, roaming barn cats and content cows.  I adored the fuzzy faces of their curious cows, who lingered at a comfortable distance, a silent, cud chewing audience.  It was just a wonderfully relaxed session with some great subjects… a perfect start to the weekend : )#8002 logoDSC_7881-EditDSC_7862-EditDSC_7834-Edit

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