There's just something so magical about a newborn…

Yesterday the world welcomed Samarra!  Who needs a May Day bouquet when you have chubby cheeks to smell and kiss?  I’ve been friends with Annie for nearly 30 year (that sounds so strange to say!)  She is the sweetest Momma to Saffron and now adorable lil Samarra, lucky  lucky girls!  I dropped by for a quick visit this afternoon and here she was, not even 24 hours old,  bright eyed and so calm…until diaper change time!  This kid just might be a singer! What lungs!  Big sis Saff was enjoying coloring and figuring out who this new person was–Samarra will be well tended to with Saff for a sis.  Congrats you guys!! xoxo CortDSC_8863-EditDSC_8865-EditDSC_8877-Edit

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