The Baby Gets Married! Schmidt Mansion, Olympia, WA

My younger brother Zachary was married this past Saturday–the baby of a family of six kids, of which four of those older siblings are sisters.  When he was little we would drag him around on our hips, put him in dresses and generally dote on him.  He was such a funny little kid, razor wit and humor, even at four. And he still is completely hilarious.  I know that’s one thing Desiree loves about him… we all do! Who doesn’t like to laugh?

Zach proposed to his bride Desiree last year when we were all on holiday in Maui.  It was so special to be able to share that with them, and to celebrate their engagement in such a stunning place.

Their wedding day was glorious–absolutely perfect sunny weather.  One of those days in the Northwest that helps us to remember why we endure the long gray months of fall, winter and most of spring (ha).

It was a lovely ceremony and GREAT party!  I love being with all of my siblings–they are all creative, expressive and so dang fun.  It was A LOT of family time time this weekend, but surprisingly drama free! I hope Zach and Desiree are stretched out on a Mexican beach sipping margaritas about now…  Too bad I couldn’t convince them to take me along for Honeymoon photo coverage!  DSC_5999-EditDSC_6005-EditDSC_6026-EditDSC_6042-EditDSC_6049-EditDSC_6051-EditDSC_6095-EditDSC_6111-EditDSC_6127-EditDSC_6162-EditDSC_6164-EditDSC_6186-EditDSC_6190-EditDSC_6212-EditDSC_6223-EditDSC_6277-EditDSC_6284-EditDSC_6294-EditDSC_6305-EditDSC_6311-EditDSC_6316-EditDSC_6346-EditDSC_6368-EditDSC_6378-EditDSC_6390-EditDSC_6391-EditDSC_6395-EditDSC_6396-EditDSC_6398-EditDSC_6451-EditDSC_6457-EditDSC_6496-EditDSC_6502-EditDSC_6777-EditDSC_7019-EditDSC_7160-EditDSC_7333-EditDSC_7345-EditDSC_7350-EditDSC_7626-EditDSC_7631-Edit

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