Glamorous Mrs. Nixon, Pet Photography, Olympia WA

Some girls need diamonds to make them giddy with glee.  Me?  Oh, a silver beaded curtain will do just fine : )  I was beyond thrilled to find a 10 foot long silver beaded curtain at my friend Nan’s awesome shop I LOVE rummaging through dusty drawers of people old junk.  You never know what treasure you’ll unearth.  I’m always looking for cool props to add to the studio and couldn’t believe the score at my last visit.  A 5 foot wide, 10 foot long SILVER BEADED CURTAIN!!!!  It looks A M A Z I N G!  I had to snap a couple of quick images with the closest model and  Mrs. Nixon willingly (ha!) obliged, well ok, we plied her with treats…  Enjoy!  Can’t WAIT to use this with my high school seniors!  Can you say ROCKSTAR?! Oh, yeah…


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