Just MORE love! {Olympia Wedding, Grand Holiday Ballroom, Olympia, WA}

Who doesn’t need more love?  Well, the wedding of Ashley and Thomas was bursting at the seams.  Ashley is seriously the most energetic, wonderful girl!  She seems to smile even when she’s not smiling.  It’s just a happiness that radiates from the core of who she is.  I was thrilled when she asked me to shoot her wedding : )  I always love meeting the bridal party–getting to see who is important to a couple.  Ashley and Thomas had a great group–they were game for anything!  We spent the scorching day bouncing around Olympia, getting to the most perfect locations.  Ashley also works part-time at the Grand Holiday Ballroom (in addition to working full time and going to school!) and was given the royal treatment by her coworkers.  She thought of so many sweet details.  The kids attending the wedding nearly lost their mind when they saw the candy bar!   I loved the energy and the lively guests!  They even ended the night with a hotdog buffet, an ode to their college days…  And as we all know, every great party ends with someone wearing a lampshade…  Congrats you two!! xo

DSC_7440-EditDSC_7457-EditDSC_7505-EditDSC_7508-EditDSC_7530-EditDSC_7534-EditDSC_7542-EditDSC_7561-EditDSC_7581-EditDSC_7599-EditDSC_7612-EditDSC_7624-EditDSC_7631-EditDSC_7650-EditDSC_7695-EditDSC_7736-EditDSC_7751-EditDSC_7846-EditDSC_7883-EditDSC_8087-EditDSC_8101-EditDSC_8129-EditDSC_8139-EditDSC_8152-EditDSC_8160-EditDSC_8791-EditDSC_9032-EditDSC_9068-EditVenue: Grand Holiday Ballroom, www.grandholidayballroom.com

Officiant: Joan Cathey

Floral:Newbury Bay, www.newburybay.com

Cake: Celebrity Cake Studio, www.celebritycakestudio.com

9 thoughts on “Just MORE love! {Olympia Wedding, Grand Holiday Ballroom, Olympia, WA}

  1. Kim Titus

    Cortney – you are crazy talented! You always find a way to capture the heart of an event and highlight what is uniquely wonderful about the people in your pictures. These photos are beautiful and will be cherished for a lifetime, I am sure.

  2. Lauren

    These pictures are great and I cannot wait to see the rest! We had a blast taking photos with you, you are a wonderful photographer!

  3. Kendra Gordon

    I love the dedication and time you spent with us! Your ideas and locations were awesome and the pictures look great so far!! Thank you!

  4. Ashley *The Bride* :)

    Wow Cort! This is long over due but these pictures are sooo super fabulous!! I cannot believe how much fun we had on such a HOT day in Olympia! Your ideas, patience and amazing personality made the day so incredibly unforgettable. I cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures! Thank you again so much for helping me accomplish the wedding of my dreams! That day was the best day of my life :) I am still in awe – I cant believe this is us in these pictures! Cant wait to see the rest! xoxoxoxo


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