From the Hotel Monaco to Fields of Lavendar { Portland/Sauvie Island Wedding}

Mitch and Laura chose the date 9.10.11 for their wedding, a playful date for a darling couple.  I love fall weddings–the colors are so rich and vibrant, who would have thought the day would reach temperatures in the mid 90’s!  We began the day at the Monaco Hotel in downtown Portland.  The lobby is a visual feast of color–funky, fun and fresh.  It was a perfect place for photos–apparently two other wedding parties agreed, good thing we were the first ones down there and didn’t need to wait.  Each party was so different–it was interesting to see how each couple’s personalities shown through in the choice of flowers and bridal attire–every single one was beautiful.

After dashing about downtown for urban photos, the limo delivered each side of the bridal party to the stunning venue on Sauvie Island,  the home of the Groom’s aunt and uncle.  I had never heard of Sauvie Island before Laura contacted me.  It is this magical little nugget of agricultural goodness just outside of Portland.  Fields of lavendar, berries and farms roll along, the wind acting as a composer.  It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been.  Laura and Mitch honored their families by wearing the Groom’s mother’s veil and the Brides grandmother’s necklace.  Laura carried a handkerchief tucked into her bouquet that had been in Mitch’s family wedding for four generations.  So very sweet!

Laura’s attention to detail was impeccable. The ceremony was followed by a cocktail hour which then gave way to dinner.  Guests were seated in long rows of tables, and the meal was served family style in the middle of a fruit orchard by the deliciously talented Portland Catering Company staff  White lights strung the perimeter and tea lights daintily hung in the trees–it was breathtaking.  We were able to spend the golden hour during sunset, capturing portraits of the bride and groom. It was difficult not to get carried away.  Every where I turned was another incredible panorama!  I loved every minute spent out there–thank you for allowing me to be a part of your celebration!DSC_2379-EditDSC_2388-EditDSC_2390-EditDSC_2450-EditDSC_2466-EditDSC_2521-EditDSC_2574-EditDSC_2580-EditDSC_2585-EditDSC_2605-EditDSC_2612-EditDSC_2681-EditDSC_2686-EditDSC_2703-EditDSC_2731-EditDSC_2756-EditDSC_2823-EditDSC_2857-EditDSC_2888-EditDSC_2900-EditDSC_2937-EditDSC_2956-EditDSC_2986-EditDSC_3030-EditDSC_3082-EditDSC_3090-EditDSC_3110-EditDSC_3153-EditDSC_3207-EditDSC_3208-EditDSC_3209-EditDSC_3226-EditDSC_3324-EditDSC_3347-EditDSC_3373-EditDSC_3430-EditDSC_3442-EditDSC_3463-EditDSC_3528-EditDSC_3541-EditDSC_3602-EditDSC_3626-EditDSC_3642-EditDSC_3665-EditDSC_3743-EditDSC_3753-EditDSC_3759-Edit

7 thoughts on “From the Hotel Monaco to Fields of Lavendar { Portland/Sauvie Island Wedding}

  1. Kristin Korvell

    Courtney, You did a fantastic job with Laura and Mitch’s wedding! It was so fun to watch you work that day. You truly have an eye for capturing the personalities of the couple as well as our wedding party. It was fun to work with you, as you have so much energy and enthusiasm. Great job!

  2. Mitch Dietz

    Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for doing our wedding Cortney. It could not have turned out any better. Your pictures are incredible. I cannot wait to see the rest!!!

  3. Laura Comstock

    These pictures are absolutley breathtaking. I never thought I could look so good in a photo. I am awestruck. Thank you for your talents and for coming down and spending the whole day with us.

  4. Dave Hunt

    Gorgeous photographic choreography of a very personal and significant event. I particularly like the classic look of the black and white photos. Amazing work. Courtney is clearly passionate about her calling.

  5. kathy

    Amazing, Cortney. You made a pile of grass look intentional! My favorite is in the tree row – took me a few minutes to figure out what you had done. Even a rusty ole’ gate looks chic! Enjoyed having you at wedding. You were extremely organized – you could see your eyes stap when you saw a picture opportunity. Talent pours from your skin! It was obvious to anyone watching!


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