Hand crafted Cocktails, Greta Jane Quartet, Silent Fim and Burlesque–Celebrating the Repeal of Prohibition, Oly Style

Who doesn’t love a well crafted bevvie?  I adore  the garnishments, the classic stemware, the tinkling ice and then savoring how every little detail comes together in that first sip…  On Monday evening people gathered at the historic Capitol Theater to celebrate the repeal of prohibition.  It was a step back into the yesteryears–with attendees dressed to the nines, bartenders worked quickly to keep the crowd happily imbibing as a silent film played in the back.  The Greta Jane quartet kept the swooning mood alive and Tush Burlesque performers scandalously entertained the rowdy patrons as the entertainment drew to a close.  It was the most fun I’ve had on a Monday night in ages!  Here are a few images from the evening.  The full collection of photo booth images will be posted on the Olympia Film Society’s Facebook page, so make sure to stop by and “Like” both Cortney Kelley Photography and Olympia Film Society on Facebook.  In fact, maybe you should pour yourself a cocktail first…  Cheers!  Cortney_DSC3504_DSC3509_DSC3520_DSC3523_DSC3527_DSC3591

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