Finding Shelter {Newborn Session, Olympia, WA}

Another rainy spring afternoon in the Northwest…one of those days you’re grateful to be inside. Aaron and Lauren brought freshie, week old Noelle, in for her first portraits bundled in a sea of pink sweetness.  She had more hair than my boys had at age three!  Dark, lustrous hair that almost shone as brightly as her parents beaming faces.  Parents who, I marveled, looked remarkably well rested : )

I miss those days where you would lose yourselves for hours, just watching a yawn, a nose wriggle or listening to the funny newborn grunts.  The miracle that becomes the center of your world. As I watched and photographed Lauren and Aaron with Noelle, I saw a place of such love. And I knew that no matter how much rain fell in our verdant city, she would always have a place of shelter. A loving, cherished shelter.  Congratulations to you! xoxo


One thought on “Finding Shelter {Newborn Session, Olympia, WA}

  1. Lauren Rodriguez

    Cortney, thank you so much for capturing our love for our new little baby Noel. We are in total bliss, and your work shows this beautifully. We just adore working with you, thank you for being YOU. You are truly talented and a delight to be with! Our love to you


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