Gathering at Winters Edge {Olympia Wedding, Deschutes River}

I love winter weddings.  Actually we eloped nearly 22 years ago at the end of December, a night that was silenced with softly falling snow.  It doesn’t seem possible that it was 22 years ago…  Afterwards we walked through the quiet, padded streets, bundled up, arm in arm.  Such a lovely memory of a sweet night.  But back to my love of winter weddings… there is something so intimate about gatherings in the winter time.  People linger closer, longer –sharing food, wine and stories.  I was thrilled when Kami called and asked if I was available for a last minute wedding–of course I couldn’t say no!

She has had a vision of being married along a river, surrounded by family and friends.  And that is exactly what happened.  With both of their families gathered alongside them (Dominic’s family arrived from California–poor people were bundled from head to toe), Kami and Dominic could barely stop smiling the entire ceremony.  Lit only with tiki torches and candles, with the rain softly falling and the sound of the river moving unseen, two of the sweetest people I’ve met, made promises to each other.  Promises that danced in their eyes and melted the chill of the night away.  It was a challenge to capture, the night was so dark my camera could barely find a focal point.  After the ceremony guests caravanned to her parents amazing farmhouse for a reception dinner.  Out of the cold, rainy night, gathering in their warm home, the guests shared their first meal as a new family.  This is what life is about…  Thank you for sharing your lovely day with me : ) Much love!

2 thoughts on “Gathering at Winters Edge {Olympia Wedding, Deschutes River}

  1. Brenda Wood

    I am Dominic’s mother and now Kami’s mother-in-law. Yes, I’m one of the California people bundled heavier than Big Foot! I was tearing as I read your beautiful review of one of the most tender, magical weddings I have ever attended. Thank you for being a part of the magic. The photos are amazing!


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