Vegas Adventures… CreativeLive, WPPI and Curlee Bikini

Last week I had the amazing experience of immersing myself in the photographic industry on various levels.  I was an audience member of Sue Bryce’s creativeLive 28 Days, attended WPPI–great courses and tradeshow, and had the opportunity to photograph new swimsuits for Curlee Bikini: poolside, in a hotel suite and in the desert. I loved spending time with my darling brother Joshua, his talented love Mallory (Curlee Bikini owner/designer) and good friend Allison, being roomies for the week.  I’ve been home for a couple of days but still feel exhausted. What the heck?  Maybe it’s the mountain of emails and phone messages I returned to…  I’m slowly making my way through them : )  Here’s a fun little video slideshow I made of some fave Curlee Bikini images.

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