Thunderstorms Be Gone! {Olympia, WA Wedding}

Sunny days for eons and eons and then a tiny blip on the weather radar… thunderstorms?!  The evening before Kristina and Ryan’s wedding was a lovely display of illumination and drama–thanks Nature for the spectacular show.  Thankfully, the clouds parted and the sun rose on yet ANOTHER sunny day here in the Northwest, right on time.  Kristina pulled the uber luck card in the floral arena–her aunt is the talented floral designer Lena Shed of Newbury Bay. The colors were bold and sassy–just like their wedding party, which was comprised of footballers and fast pitch players.  I’m surprised a game didn’t spontaneously erupt! The wedding celebration was full of smiles and ease as these two made promises to continue to support, laugh and watch football as they grow old together.  I’d say pretty perfect plans for a physical therapy doc and a football coach and teacher.  Healers and mentors, I know this sweet couple will continue to make massive impacts of goodness on all who know them.  Isn’t it comforting knowing this world is full of such lovely people?  I agree : )  Congrats you two!!


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