End of an Era… {Appreciating Family}

C & M RentonI’ve had a big ‘ole lump in my throat since 9:55 am yesterday morning when I received a text from my sister Melissa sharing the exciting news that they had secured their loft in Seattle.  Move in date, March 1st.  After a hearty Hooray, my next reaction was “I’m not ready!” I know, selfish, but I’m having a difficult time reconciling my sister will no longer being my next-door-neighbor.  As with any siblings, we have had our moments of being the best of friends and world wars 3, 4 and 5… But she has always been there for me.  “Horseback riding” trips (on barstools) for hours in the backyard, meticulously sorting Barbie clothes, reading Laura Ingalls Wilder books, roller skating in the garage, sneaking out of the house to go dancing, rock concert corruption, and then into motherhood–watching Austin when I was doing back to back theater shows, taking our babies on many a trip to IKEA and Goodwill, spending afternoons exploring parks with the toddlers. We were lucky enough to raise our son’s together, the BroZens roaming back and forth between households.  For me, always having an ear to bend or someone to share a beverage with, just knowing she was close.  The first two months they moved in we had dinner together every single night.  Over the years, a comfortable routine settled in–holidays were always happily punctuated with a gathering of some sort. Summer evenings imbibing in the sunset, or catching up while folding laundry and drinking coffee.  The poodle, Hero, coming over for his nightly visit.  While cherishing these moments, I fear I may have taken them for granted.  Yes, I know Seattle is only an hour away, but it seems like a lifetime as we close the “rearing our children” years and move into a different phase of life. I’m excited for their next adventure to unfold in Seattle and know we will continue to share, celebrate and create loads of new memories.  I guess I just need a bit of time to mourn the ending of a very sweet era… I will miss you and love you…

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