A Sweetly, Delightful Afternoon {Breakfast at Tiffany’s Themed Bridal Shower, Seattle, WA}

Saxon, one of my 2015 brides, was being surprised with a darling themed bridal shower.  Hosted by her cousins Heather and Ashley and aunt Kathy, the setting was perfection in their gorgeous Victorian home with sweeping views of Puget Sound –it took my breath away. I was thrilled to have an open Saturday, and happily made my way to West Seattle for her Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed event.  She was treated to a secret hair and makeup session, and wasn’t allowed even a peek at herself!  When she arrived, her guests were happily waiting to toast her, Tiffany Blue champagne in hand, all donning their favorite little black dress, with Moon River softly serenading.  It was a sweet afternoon of lively conversations, a delicious and beautiful buffet lunch spread (catered by www.NolaEvents.com) , creative games, and lots of laughter.  If they have this much fun at the shower, I can’t wait to see what happens at the wedding!  Thanks for including me in such a wonderful day! xo_DSC6067 _DSC6082 _DSC6142 _DSC6156 _DSC6163 _DSC6178 _DSC6186 _DSC6203 _DSC6215 _DSC6216 _DSC6234 _DSC6246 _DSC6256 _DSC6263 _DSC6265 _DSC6267 _DSC6270 _DSC6275 _DSC6279 _DSC6325 _DSC6345 _DSC6363 _DSC6366 _DSC6426 _DSC6437 _DSC6442 _DSC6458 _DSC6461 _DSC6506 _DSC6507 _DSC6512 _DSC6541 _DSC6542 _DSC6546 _DSC6569 _DSC6578 _DSC6596 _DSC6620 _DSC6753 _DSC6872

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