Spring is here and with it, NEWBIES {Newborn Portrait Session, Olympia, WA}

I luuuuurve babies, especially the babies of my siblings. The baby of our family just welcomed his second little one, Gracen, into the world last week.  It never ceases to amaze me holding a newborn–she was just inside someone else, hours earlier… fahreekee and awesome…and now, boom, out, being a cool baby.  It was so darn sweet to see her older sister Payton holding her, singing her songs, and just being a darling 2 year old.  Dang these girls are sweet!  Thanks for hanging out with me today you cute cuties.

_DSC7913 _DSC7918 _DSC7959 _DSC8011 _DSC8042 _DSC8097 _DSC8165 _DSC8188 _DSC8222

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