A Pacific Northwest Wedding in the Fall, It Doesn’t Get Better Than This! {Fernbrook Wedding, Olympia, WA}

Fall is absolutely one of the most incredible seasons in the PNW.  The crisp mornings give way to luxuriously warm afternoons, just in time to turn crisp again for the evening, calling for fires in the hearth.  Ashley and Keith celebrated their wedding day with one of those perfect falls days.  Set along sweeping views of Mt. Rainer and the Puget Sound, sweet “I Do’s” were exchanged in the presence of dear friends and family.  These wildly brave souls took it to the next level by stepping INTO the Puget Sound, wedding attire and all, to allow for some gorgeous images.  I just love when clients have a crazy fun idea!  Thanks for allowing me to celebrate with you!  Cheers to years of happy times! xo_DSC3960 _DSC3985 _DSC3996 _DSC4022 _DSC4054 _DSC4105 _DSC4117 _DSC4185 _DSC4194 _DSC4210 _DSC4233 _DSC4235 _DSC4256 _DSC4288 _DSC4379 _DSC4384 _DSC4396 _DSC4416 _DSC4509 _DSC4551 _DSC4662 _DSC4720 _DSC4727 _DSC4743 _DSC4754 _DSC5527 _DSC5530 _DSC5533 _DSC5542 _DSC5553 _DSC5571 _DSC5589 _DSC5661 _DSC5684Olympia we

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