Jammin’ Out

I have recently started working on a new avenue of my photographic business: FOOD! It’s been a long time dream and true labor of love. I am in the beginning phases of photographing my first cookbook for local chef Lela Cross of Capitale, Cielo Blue, and most recently Dillingers. I love her approach to food–focusing on local and fresh but done with a rich flair. I can’t wait!_DSC0963


More recently, I spent a lovely morning with my friend Melissa,  who has a side business in the cottage foods industry called Otis Beach Jams–these treats are low sugar, organic and locally sourced little pots of magic! She made blackberry lavender jam and you wouldn’t believe the way the kitchen smelled, absolute heaven. Check her out on Facebook, and if you would like to order a pot or two, hurry… they go fast!_DSC1043 _DSC1012_DSC1066_DSC1075_DSC1069_DSC1094_DSC1099_DSC1109_DSC1134_DSC1140_DSC1060


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