Intimate Wedding Along Hood Canal

Some of the most special weddings I’ve photographed, have been small, intimate, family only weddings.  There is something so dear about gathering ones family to usher in the next phase of life.  Brent and Hannah had the most perfect weather on their wedding, as family surrounded them at Brent’s family summer cabin along Hood Canal.  How fitting that he would add his marriage ceremony to the treasured memories he holds at this special place, with many more to come!  After the  sweetest ceremony and heartfelt vows, guests were treated to an incredible dinner masterfully created by the talented Dahlia Lounge staff.  A truly elegant start to the rest of their life together.  Cheers!_DSC5561-Edit _DSC5632-Edit _DSC5745-Edit _DSC5759-Edit _DSC5767-Edit _DSC5800-Edit _DSC5815-Edit _DSC5839-Edit _DSC5856 _DSC5879 _DSC5921-Edit _DSC5928 _DSC6168-Edit _DSC6504-Edit _DSC6577-Edit _DSC6580-Edit_DSC6181 _DSC6668 _DSC6679 _DSC6684 _DSC6697 _DSC6704

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