A Little Bit of Holiday Cheer

Oh, these two sweet girls!  Austin’s girls. We are so profoundly grateful to have them both in our lives.  Austin would be so in love with his little one, she’s lively and sweet and smart and so happy.  I like to think he is right alongside them both, pushing Morgan to complete her MBA, soothing Riann, watching over them.  I was so excited when I found out Morgan had bought them matching pajamas since the boys always received matching Hanna Andersson striped pajamas  and a holiday storybook to open  Christmas Eve.  The tradition continues!  Riann was so excited about the stories–it was sweet to see her reaction to her Daddy’s books and ending with a little squeeze with Austin’s very first teddy bear. Keep the love flowing this holiday season ya’ll!_dsc4694 _dsc4702 _dsc4709 _dsc4719 _dsc4726 _dsc4738 _dsc4749 _dsc4762 _dsc4781 _dsc4796 _dsc4803 _dsc4812 _dsc4828 _dsc4834 _dsc4848 _dsc4855 _dsc4857 _dsc4866 _dsc4881 _dsc4885 _dsc4905 _dsc4944 _dsc4961 _dsc4971 _dsc4979 _dsc4999 _dsc5005 _dsc5015 _dsc5034 _dsc5039 _dsc5050 _dsc5061 _dsc5066 _dsc5082 _dsc5091 _dsc5107 _dsc5138 _dsc5142 _dsc5146 _dsc5184 _dsc5191 _dsc5193 _dsc5200 _dsc5204 _dsc5209

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