Missoula or Bust! Book Groupies head to Montana {Road Trip}

Dang I love my book group peeps!  When Carmen told us the band she was in during grad school, Stand Up Stella, was going to have a one-night-only-reunion-performance in Missoula, we immediately started planning our trip there!  Last August of 2016, we loaded up the car, a few opted to fly, and we made our way out to cheer on Carmen.  It was a stunningly gorgeous drive, full of a lot of laughter.  We stopped for anything that piqued our interest: museums, viewpoints, quaint shops. It was SO dang fun! The first night we stayed at Jodie’s parents lake house who spoiled us with a delicious dinner, and as we were lying lake side around midnight, watching the meteor shower, her darling Mom delivered warm huckleberry sauce and ice cream.  That night, we listened to the stillness of lake life, ate the sublime dessert and fell asleep under the stars, finding our way inside to bed close to 2 am.  Day One, was preeeeetty good… The next morning started with coffee on the dock and a morning swim.  I could really get used to that pace of life.  Back into the car we went, winding our way through quiet mountains with a soundtrack that included the one and only John Denver (of course), and arrived at the lovely AirBnB rental home, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the rest of the group.  Over a dinner of wine and pizza,  we sat fireside out back, and laughed late into the night.  Day Two, solid.  Day Three, we explored Missoula, people watched, ate ice cream, purchased essential oils, wandered along the river front, had some incredibly delicious meals, and fell in love with the funky town.  Later that night, we had a blast gathering together to dance our faces off at the concert.  Astrid, Carmen’s daughter, joined her on stage to play a Prince tribute, it was such a sweet surprise!  As we said goodbye to the folks catching flights, we decided it would be a good idea to “swing by” Glacier National Park, stopping at the Bison Refuge to get our fill of cute fuzzy faces lumbering along the golden plains.   Finally arriving at the park nearing sunset, we made our way tot he top, which was for me,  easily one of the most terrifying drives up the mountain range,  but well worth the breath taking views.  The majesty of nature re-centers my soul. I hope to return there soon. We drove late into the night making our way to Spokane.  Close to 1 am, in the middle of absolutely NO where, I saw a man walking along the side of the road barefoot. I was the only one who saw him… or DID I…??  So bizarre!  Our last leg home included a stop at Cave B Winery for a quick tasting. I can’t wait for the next trip with these awesome women.  Cheers to adventures!_DSC4970 _DSC4974 _DSC4981 _DSC4986 _DSC4989 _DSC4996 _DSC4998 _DSC5001 _DSC5002 _DSC5005 _DSC5006 _DSC5009 _DSC5010 _DSC5018 _DSC5023 _DSC5027 _DSC5033 _DSC5035 _DSC5039 _DSC5042 _DSC5047 _DSC5059 _DSC5064 _DSC5066 _DSC5074 _DSC5076 _DSC5081 _DSC5085 _DSC5088 _DSC5091 _DSC5093 _DSC5099 _DSC5100 _DSC5111 _DSC5129 _DSC5143 _DSC5152 _DSC5164 _DSC5173 _DSC5174 _DSC5181 _DSC5197 _DSC5201 _DSC5210 _DSC5211 _DSC5215 _DSC5226 _DSC5233 _DSC5238 _DSC5244 _DSC5246 _DSC5251 _DSC5259 _DSC5293 _DSC5330 _DSC5334 _DSC5336 _DSC5343 _DSC5346 _DSC5347 _DSC5351 _DSC5352 _DSC5356 _DSC5360 _DSC5365 _DSC5371 _DSC5372 _DSC5376 _DSC5380 _DSC5382 _DSC5383 _DSC5385 _DSC5389 _DSC5391 _DSC5404 _DSC5414 _DSC5415 _DSC5417 _DSC5418 _DSC5421 _DSC5424 _DSC5437 _DSC5440 _DSC5442 _DSC5444

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