Summer Solstice Nuptials {Olympia, WA Wedding}

I love wedding celebrations that honor any solstice, especially summer–the longest, and lightest (hopefully) day of the year.  Robyn and Steve were friends in their early teenage years, and reconnected several years ago, rekindling a friendship which sparked into a sweet romance.  The nuptials included their children, both human and furry, family and close friends as attendants.  An intimate and sweet ceremony full of laughs and tenderness.  I was so honored to be able to photograph this beautiful celebration for a beautiful couple on a beautiful day.  Pretty perfect.  Cheers to many happy years together! xoxox

_DSC3817 _DSC3822 _DSC3826 _DSC3828 _DSC3833 _DSC3846 _DSC3858 _DSC3866 _DSC3877 _DSC3883 _DSC3884 _DSC3890 _DSC3900 _DSC3914 _DSC3925 _DSC3927 _DSC3941 _DSC3965 _DSC3987 _DSC3990 _DSC4004 _DSC4008 _DSC4019 _DSC4034 _DSC4053 _DSC4054 _DSC4059 _DSC4102 _DSC4112 _DSC4123 _DSC4137 _DSC4178 _DSC4184 _DSC4193 _DSC4213 _DSC4220 _DSC4226 _DSC4261

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