Paradise in the Spring {Magical Maui}

Maui–what an absolutely magical place to be, especially when the gray skies and sideways rain are pelting the PNW.  A very special group of people needed some photographic coverage (ahem) and beach portraits while on holiday, and I was just the tiniest bit thrilled to oblige… We had such fun with the wild kids who had sand in the most amazing places … And then another fun shoot wandering the streets of Lahaina.  Great to see such good friends creating memories together.

Two of my favorite people were able to join me — we rented a Westfalia camper van to explore the island.  What a cool way to dive into the island, meeting the most interesting folks along the way.  Adventuring with your friends in paradise is pretty spectacular, watching the sun set at a different beach every night, swimming in the ocean, eating chocolate covered frozen bananas, living out of a cooler, feeling the salty grit in your hair, smelling the warm, tropical air, the freshest fruit picked right off the trees, and the slow wash of meditative waves cleansing our minds and our souls.  It was a heavenly trip, full of quiet contemplation, soulful conversations, and a lot of gratitude.  This life is so full of mystery and beauty. I hope to always find and honor the magic of this world.  Cheers to loving adventures and traveling the world!

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