You're NEVER Too Big For Santa!

For the past couple of weekends we’ve been hosting Santa–for visits and photos, complete with candy cane handoffs.  It has been such a delight listening to the conversations held between Santa and his many admirers.  We were in a bit of a lull when in walks my “baby” brother Zach.  Bear in mind that he is now 6’3″ish and BUFF–even his head is buff… hee hee! This is the same little guy I used to drag around on my hip.  Doubtful I could even lift him now…sad.   Look at how cute he looks with Santa…and yes ladies, he IS single!

I’ve also been streaming an online radio station–Radio UK.  I especially like the frequent rotations of Wham’s “Next Christmas” and the Waitresses–two 80’s faves.  I cannot resist singing along–music has the ability to transform moods and I am IN the holiday spirit!

Only two more days with Santa!  December 20 & 21, 2008 Noon – 4:00.  Studio address: 418 Washington Street SE Oly 98501.

 One 5×7 for $10.00–what a bargain!  Hope to see you downtown Oly!


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