Neither Rain nor Sleet will dampen this Wedding! Northwest Wedding, Olympia, WA

#1822When planning an outdoor wedding in the Northwest, there is one gamble that looms large…the weather. Jeff and Kelly had a wonderful, intimate September wedding with close friends in their secluded slice of heaven, nestled in the forrest.  #1925Just one little tweak to their plan, rain.  But as true Northwesterners, the rain was simply a well moisturizing addition to the fun of their celebration. #1853 Kelly walked shyly down the aisle as raindrops softly fell around her.#2014As she took her place next to her teary eyed groom, it was as if they were the only two people in the world.  They did more than smile one another, they radiated love.  #2198It was such a sweet ceremony, with a quick retreat down the aisle guests made their way to the shelter of the tents, decorated in perfect fall fashion.#2484#2490I was so glad we had the barn to setup the photo booth area.  #2478As the evening drew to a close, Jeff serenaded his lovely bride, all as the rain continued to softly fall. Congratulations Kelly and Jeff! Thanks for allowing me to capture the sweetness… xoxo#2848

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