Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder…we are all moved and inspired by different things and in different ways.  But beauty is everywhere and in all things.  At least, that’s how I see it.

I feel privileged to bear witness to some of lifes most remarkable moments.  To be able to capture a beautiful bride is one thing, but to be able to see and preserve an intimate exchange within that wondrous wedding day, is a gift.  One that I have and one that I share.

The cycle of life begins… An engagement followed by a wedding soon may turn into a pregnancy. The newborn babe quickly matures into a curious child, who is soon a graduating senior.  That graduating senior heads out into the world and then begins their own life story…  It is these life moments I am compelled to document.  For once they have passed, the are only a memory. And memories are meant to be treasured.

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