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I always knew I would have a family of my own.  What I didn’t know was that I would feel so fiercely protective and love them so unconditionally.  I am not embarrassed to share that I cry when confronted with the fact that life simply marches on, that time simply doesn’t wait–like the first lost tooth or a skinned knee in need of a spiderman band-aide.  Most of the time I celebrate, smile and feel generally grateful for every wondrous day.  But there are times when I cry when I’m happy too, maybe you know what I mean…  I prefer to acknowledge this as a gift, one of emotional accessibility, and one I share with every single one of my five siblings.  We all are criers.  And it’s not a bad thing.  It’s this ability to feel so fully that I am able to capture such real and genuine moments.

Most of my clients mention having family portraits taken, but some take a little longer actually getting around to it.  Well, may I remind you that time is not waiting?  So why are you?  I promise to capture images you will love–and along the way, I’m sure we will share some of those moments that make life important.  But I should warn you, I just may cry…

Family and children portrait commissions begin at $150.



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