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There is a moment when all little girls fall in love with the wonder of a bride and the magic of a wedding day.  For little “A” this was her’s… surrounded by her adoring aunties, she was pampered right along side the bridal party.  There was such an intense and loving connection between this family, it was truly a treasure to witness.  It is moments like these that stay with you…  Seeing people commit and express their love to one another literally slays me.  I am so utterly humbled by the power of love and the capacity we have for it.  It is something to be celebrated and shared, so that’s what I strive to do.  #4040-web2

There are so few occasions in  life that bring together the most important people to you–and all at the same time!  Every single couple is different, so should their wedding and story be.  I love hearing about the unique ideas and hopes people have for their wedding day.  Some people are very private and prefer to celebrate quietly.  Others live life loud and large and their wedding reflects that energy.

I think it important to understand who each bridal couple is, who they are individually as well as who they are to one another.  And then I find a way to tell the story of not only the wedding day, but the deeper story of their relationship and about the promise they are making.  Finding the sub-text of their gestures, the non-verbal hints of love–there is just so much behind those little moments–it’s such a gift to seek them out and catch a glance that only they shared.  Ahhhh, love.


So begins my work–searching out the images from your wedding day which you will cherish, your friends will love and your family will hold dear.  #7266-web

Wedding Commissions begin at $2,200…
Please Email for specific quotes.

Pure Oppulence

  • Engagement portrait session with 16×20 portrait to display
  • Unlimited photographic time with two photographers
  • Rehearsal dinner coverage (2 hours)
  • Wedding proof book containing 500 images
  • Custom wedding album (10×10 coffee table book, 40 pages)
  • Two parents albums (7×7 coffee table book, 10 pages)
  • Portrait reprints: 1 11×14, 10 8×10’s, 30 5×7’s
  • DVD Slideshow (Four copies)


Posh & Pampered

  • Engagement portrait session with 11×14 portrait to display
  • Six hours photographic service
  • Wedding proof book containing 400 images
  • Custom wedding album (8×8 coffee table book, 30 pages)
  • Portrait reprints: 10 8×10’s, 20 5×7’s
  • DVD Slideshow (Two copies)

Swanky Style

  • Engagement portrait session with 8×10 portrait to display
  • Four hours photographic service
  • Wedding proofs book containing 300 images
  • Portrait reprints: 5 8×10, 10 5×7’s

A $1,000.00 Non-refundable deposit is due the day of booking, and balance due one month prior to the day of event. We accept personal checks, credit cards, and Ben Franklins.


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