So, I’m not sure what it is about this time of the year, but moments catch me off guard, and in mere seconds, my eyes have pooled with tears and a lump in my throat makes swallowing difficult.  I come from a family of bawl-babies though, so it is really nothing new to see a tender commercial–say about diapers and those cute chubby legs that stick out of them, or maybe about soup, prepared by a loving mother on a cold, wintery day–and there are sniffling noses around the room.  We like to call it “being emotionally in tune” around our household…ridiculous I know…whatever.

The day started out with the Bat Mitzvah of Leah.  It was one of those clear winter days that even smells cold–you know the scent, it’s clean and windy and smoky and fills your lungs with an invigorating blast of ice.  Love it! Her family and friends gathered to honor her and celebrate.  It was a privilege to document such a momentous occasion.  Leah is a confident, exuberant, beautiful young woman with the most luxurious auburn hair and a 1000 kilowatt smile.  She laughs easily and is clearly a thoughtful, loyal friend.  Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your Bat Mitzah Leah!  So that’s where the first few “moments” of my day began.

Then, we had SANTA in the studio!!  He’s even more handsome in person–and you wouldn’t believe how soft his velvet suit is.  I just may need something in red velvet for myself!  So yes, Santa was in the studio on Saturday and Sunday (and will continue for the next two weekends! 12/13&14 and 12/20&21 Yay!) visiting with kids and taking photos.  There is a very special wonder Santa holds for children.  You wouldn’t believe some of the interactions– adorable, hilarious and completely endearing.  Then Santa and I headed out to thank the wonderful baristas at Cafe Vita, my fave java place, for supplying us with the caffeinated fortification we all so needed.  As we were walking down the street, people would smile, wave, honk–it was crazy.  Apparently EVERYONE knows this guy!  One shopkeeper, my loverly fa-rend Jennyrose of room30 even got to snuggle! I hope Mrs. Claus doesn’t mind all of the attention he receives…indeed!

More moments continued as we made our way to dinner.  We settled into a little table at Ramblin Jacks and enjoyed seeing familar faces wander through the doors!  Friends on their way to film festivals, to holiday gatherings, or ending a day of downtown shopping.  I asserted a battery of questions upon Jamie–random silly questions that made us all laugh and pause…

And the evening ended with picking up Emmett from dear friends, where had shared in choosing their family Christmas tree.  One glass of wine turned into two and before we knew it we were gathered in the living room, with Kevin spinning actual ALBUMS from his massive collection– dancing to Duran Duran and belting out along with Carole King.  Life is truly wonderful…  Be well! Oh, and come see me!


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