Crazy Love–Carnivale Style, Olympia, WA

My clients have such great style–who else can pull off Chuck Taylors, rockabilly hair and a suit?  Ale looked like Maria from the Westside story with her adorable summer dress and cardigan.  Blue and Ale came ready for a playful engagement session at the carnivale.  We opted to head there early, before the gates opened to avoid crowds.  What an eerie feeling–the carnivale was totally deserted.  I kept half expecting zombies to emerge from the haunted house…  We then made our way to another deserted locale, a cool old lumberyard and  warehouse.  Great images! Thanks for being adventurous you two!  Congrats and can’t wait for the wedding : )DSC_6868DSC_7113DSC_6857DSC_7306DSC_7368DSC_7078DSC_7018DSC_7131

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