Best smile ever! Teen Portrait Session, Olympia, WA

Today I photographed the ever so adorable Shelby.  She has these intensely green eyes and an exuberant smile with perfectly straight teeth.  Such a sweet kid!#8248As we talked, we found out we shared lots of mutual friends, that they knew my older son through the soccer shop, my younger son and nephew through choir, it just went on and on.  It was one of those times where living in a smaller, connected community felt so right.  I asked Shelby how she heard about me and her response was a little shrug, a smile and “just everybody”–I must confess I had my own little Sally Fields moment of “They like me!  They really, really like me!”  hahaha!!  So thanks Shelby and Candice for making the start of my weekend so very smiley.  And you know, I like you all right back!#8189

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