Bring on the Rain! Engagement Portrait Session, Olympia, WA

One thing we can be certain of this time of the year– rain. That glorious rain that feeds our verdant landscape and moistens our complexions.   Thankfully, our spring showers didn’t slow Alicia and Marlon down a bit during their engagement session.  I have a virtual treasure trove of vintage umbrellas and love the break them out, rain or shiney shine.  So we lingered inside for a bit, capturing a few images and taking refuge in the studio, until it was clear the rain would not be letting up anytime soon.  It was time to head on out!  It was a mild day, just damp.  But how fun is it to have an excuse to tromp around in the rain!?  Let me tell you, it’s REALLY fun… : )DSC_2758-Edit





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