Time for a Change… {Studio Relocation Project, Phase One} Olympia, WA

Well, I never imagined I would outgrow my adorable studio, but the time has come.  I am BEYOND THRILLED to be moving into the Harmony Market Building along with Nathan Peppin of Peppin Photography.  We’ve been sharing space for a couple of months and though it’s great, we need a larger space where we can both be shooting at the same time.  The new space is GINORMOUS (not a real word, I know…) and the natural light makes the angels sing. I’ve been in love with the space for ages, and often dreamt of having a photo shoot in the glorious loft.  How dreams manifest is truly a miracle. I had been talking with a one of my wedding clients about our favorite buildings downtown and the next time I ran into the groom, he mentioned having lunch with the building owner.  Two days later I received an email from her and after many emails and a meeting, we signed the lease today! Thank you Michael!  And thanks Jennie for referring Michael and Sarah! What an awesome town Olympia is…

When Nathan and I walked through the space with the building owner, I literally felt like and 8 year old on Christmas Eve standing at the gates of Disneyland with glittery shoes on and a bag full of candy loaded on the back of my unicorn.  Yes, THAT excited!  Butterflies start fluttering in my stomach every time I think about it : )

For those of you who know this building, you will likely share my excitement.  We have grand plans for utilizing the space as a photography studio and we can’t wait to share our ideas for events we plan on hosting.  So many things to look forward to!

I can’t wait, but I will have to.  The current tenants will be moving out in June/July.  Our goal is to be in there and ready to roll in early August.  So it’ll be a few months left on Washington Street… and then moving four blocks down and into a whole new vibe.

I will miss this darling space:

 But I can’t WAIT for THIS:

Phase One has begun…



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