20 Years in Love {Olympia, WA Wedding}

Friends and family gathered to celebrate Wendy & Cam’s 20th anniversary–this time with a wedding thrown into the mix.  It was a lustrous, warm afternoon–the kind of day that stretches it’s warmth into the evening, only to be quickly replaced by that distinct Autumn chill.  Set in their charming backyard, accented with ripe plums dangling like sweet ornaments, Wendy and Cam exchanged vows on the back steps of their home standing alongside both of their sweet daughters.  Full of humor and tenderness, these two amazing people acknowledged the many years of commitment they have shared and promised one another many more.  It was honest, funny and full of gratitude–gratitude for their families, for their community and for one another.  I was so very proud to have been asked to document this important occasion : )  I think their smiles say it all… Cheers to another 20 years!! xoxo





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