Intimate Autumnal Wedding Celebration {Olympia, WA}

Autumn is absolutely my favorite time of the year.  The robust colors, the slowing down, the smell of fires filling crisp evenings–an entirely different set of sensory experiences from summer. When Jeff and Jill asked me to photograph their wedding on the Autumnal Equinox, I was thrilled.  They have such an incredible relationship–thoughtful, caring and deeply loving.  Their ceremony was filled with such tenderness and authentic promises, I couldn’t keep the tears from flowing.  I would click my shutter and swipe away the stream running down my face.  It was so perfect.  Jill looked like she stepped right out of the set of Mad Men–her sophisticated elegance perfectly matched her calm intent.  The day was a bit blustery to start, but the raindrops gave way to one the those rare evenings where the sunlight hangs like a golden mist.  Guests gathered close to share an exquisite salmon dinner, music and conversation.  A wonderful way to usher in the changing season and begin a newly united life.  Congratulations Jeff and Jill, thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful celebration. xxoo

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