SoCal Wedding Celebration {Santa Cruz Wedding, Chaminade Resort}



I had to pinch myself more than once this past weekend.  Was I really traveling to Santa Cruz in the middle of November to capture the wedding of Taflyn and Andrew?  Yes, pinch away…  The entire weekend was full of sweet moments–this is a family I have loved for many moons, and I was so very honored to be asked to photograph such a treasured event.  Taflyn is this tiny, tiny person with a heart as big as the moon, a smile as wide as the sea, and eyes that send you over the edge.  And her darling groom Andy laughs easily and often and has eyes the color of the mediterranean sea–holy smokes are their kids going to be adorable AND sweet : )

Their ceremony was set on a bluff, with views that stretched to the Pacific ocean. The glorious sun deliciously warmed our skin and illuminated the countless smiles.  The Bride’s sister, Amaya, played the wedding party down the aisle with sweet songs on her ukelele, her lovely voice and twinkling smile inviting the guests to sway along with her.  Under the shelter of the huppa, loved ones shared readings of Rumi’s poems, blessings,  and cherished words. With the breaking of the glass, Taflyn and Andy made their way down the aisle to receive their guests in concentric circles of Sufi dancing.  It was one of the most celebratory ceremonies I’ve seen–so much love and laughter.

We were able to squeeze in a beach session the day after–some of my favorite images.  Their family lingered together, not wanting the weekend to end.  I couldn’t have dreamed a more wonderful weekend. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the celebration!  Cheers to so many happy years! xo

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