A Respite in the Desert {Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree}

Sometimes you just need to warm yourself to the core, to fill up those vitamin D stores,  to fill your heart and mind with deep conversations, with thoughtful beauty, and a hearty dose of laughter.  I didn’t even know how much I needed the trip until I was there.  A bit of work and some solid soul quenching sun, just what PNW’ers need in the middle of a rainy winter.

It’s so interesting to discover niche worlds, like the world of traveling art gallery shows. Talk about visual inspiration.  The Spectrum at Indian Wells http://spectrum-indianwells.com was a new world to me.  The international juried art show featured an incredible range of work from paintings, sculptures, glass work, photographic art, and even some wild steam punk creations.  It was incredible to wander through, champagne in hand, lounge on the swank white leather sofas, and take it all in. Thank you to Essence Arts, and Tom and Anna Boatright https://www.tomboatrightoils.com, for inviting me along.  I loved being part of this journey with you.

I was also lucky enough to steal away to Joshua Tree for the day, spending time with radiant humans and capturing their portraits for Erin Jane Illuminations www.erinjaneilluminations.com/ and Essence Arts. I lingered a bit longer meeting up with dear friends for lunch at the infamous www.pappyandharriets.com/ before venturing back to the park to capture sunset images in Joshua Tree.  Let it be known when your story begins with “So we were drinking tequila in the desert as the sun was setting…” is always a solidly hysterical tale.  Ask me about it next time you see me : )


_DSC7348 _DSC7358 _DSC7370 _DSC7380 _DSC7391 _DSC7395 _DSC7407 _DSC7414 _DSC7421 _DSC7432-Edit _DSC7439 _DSC7443 _DSC7457 _DSC7469 _DSC7475 _DSC7492 _DSC7496 _DSC7507 _DSC7515 _DSC7529 _DSC7543 _DSC7552 _DSC7554 _DSC7555 _DSC7557 _DSC7559 _DSC7561 _DSC7563 _DSC7567 _DSC7574 _DSC7576 _DSC7577 _DSC7587 _DSC7598 _DSC7601 _DSC7608 _DSC7613 _DSC7621


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