April Showers Wedding {Alderbrook, Union, WA}

Spring weddings are just so pretty, with a color palette that is soft and hopeful. The sudden rain showers, followed by bursts of bright sunshine, the freshness so desperately needed after long, grey winter months, the perfect transition as we navigate towards the vibrancy of summer.

I love it when a couple knows who they are–not just who they are individually, but who they are as a couple, and incorporate that stylistically into their wedding theme.  Jeff and Shelby nailed it.  Starting with the quintessential PNW wedding venue, Alderbrook Resort, to their vintage/nautical decor, having their beloved furry faced Luna in attendance, and the delicious menu–the entire celebration was a sublime reflection of their laid back demeanor and understated elegance. Shelby was a vision in her Tadashi Shoji wedding gown, and the whimisical succulents in her bouquet by Fleurae was a flawless background for the special shell as an homage for Jeff’s Mom. It was an absolute honor to spend the day with them capturing the lovely celebration.  Cheers to many happy years together, both lakeside and beyond. xoxo_DSC7905 _DSC7909 _DSC7926 _DSC7933 _DSC7941 _DSC7943 _DSC7948 _DSC7951 _DSC7962 _DSC7983 _DSC7998 _DSC8002 _DSC8005 _DSC8006 _DSC8031 _DSC8054 _DSC8059 _DSC8072 _DSC8099 _DSC8108 _DSC8457_DSC8119 _DSC8128 _DSC8136 _DSC8141 _DSC8146 _DSC8149 _DSC8166 _DSC8168 _DSC8173 _DSC8192 _DSC8201 _DSC8254 _DSC8384 _DSC8399 _DSC8414 _DSC8416 _DSC8432 _DSC8471 _DSC8480 _DSC8486 _DSC8613 _DSC8628 _DSC8633 _DSC8644 _DSC8650 _DSC8652 _DSC8654 _DSC8655 _DSC8656 _DSC8661 _DSC8681 _DSC8824 _DSC8917 _DSC8961 _DSC8972 _DSC9142

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