When your Baby is expecting THEIR baby…

Man, I thought I would be able to keep it together and get through writing this without tears…but whelp, it’s me, so tears there will be.  But the happiest of tears, be sure about that–because in about ONE month, the person who made me a Mother for the first time, is about to finally know how much a parent can love. It’s difficult to fully express to our children, the true depths of our love.  Love you too Mom, they say.  But now that Austin and Morgan  will become parents, they will GET it.  That soon, there will be a little person in their lives that will transform who they are to the core. A little person that will slay them with the tiniest of smiles,  someone they would do absolutely anything to protect, a new life that will bring them closer as a couple and turn them into a family.  Imagining them as parents is easy.  They are among the kindest, hardest working, playful, creative people I know.  That is one lucky duck of a little girl.  And the best part?  I get to be part of that sweetness… just call me Gramma Coco.  Now where is that damn box of kleenex?_DSC2971 2-Edit _DSC2984 2 _DSC2994 2-Edit _DSC3000 2 _DSC3037 2 _DSC3067 2-Edit _DSC3108 2 _DSC3137 2-Edit _DSC3159 2-Edit _DSC3191 2-Edit

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