Sweet Baby Girl Turns ONE!

I can’t believe one year has passed since this bright little light has illuminated our lives!  She is one of the most precious things we are blessed to celebrate.  Little Riann, your Dad Austin would be radiating with pride over you, as we all are.  Morgan planned such an adorable and delicious party.  There were bubbles, and a puppy visitor, family and friends, and a roomful of presents.  And of course Fleurae, created the most perfect florals to frame your cake smash.  Such a sweet day, we love you so very much Riann. xo_DSC1677 _DSC1686 _DSC1689 _DSC1690 _DSC1693 _DSC1697 _DSC1700 _DSC1702 _DSC1705 _DSC1707 _DSC1708 _DSC1709 _DSC1710 _DSC1711 _DSC1714 _DSC1716 _DSC1725 _DSC1726 _DSC1734 _DSC1746 _DSC1758 _DSC1769 _DSC1776 _DSC1781 _DSC1796 _DSC1801 _DSC1805 _DSC1826 _DSC1837 _DSC1840 _DSC1853 _DSC1858 _DSC1866 _DSC1867 _DSC1873 _DSC1876 _DSC1877 _DSC1882 _DSC1885 _DSC1888 _DSC1890 _DSC1900 _DSC1917 _DSC1931 _DSC1934 _DSC1937 _DSC1939 _DSC1940 _DSC1945 _DSC1947 _DSC1950 _DSC1956 _DSC1961 _DSC1965

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